Occupy Wall Street

Standing up for our Human rights.

“Of all 117 elements in the universe we are the one element that changes everything, we are “The Human Element”. So says the Dow Chemical co.

Why do I like that statement so much?  Because it is absolutely true.  And while other elements can take on different forms we are the only element that can choose whether we evolve or change.  But are we evolving or changing for the better?  Have we learned anything from our history?  Or are we going to be forced into making the changes necessary to see all Humans not just surviving, but thriving?

Time, after time man has faced the same or similar circumstances, yet we continue to make the same mistakes, travel the same path and then expect a different result.  Or is it that the few, mighty and wealthy individuals seem to chart the course for all of humanity because they possess the power to blatantly exploit others with their need for control and greed?

We continually see those in power, whether politicians or corporate denizens exploiting others to achieve their lone goals with total disregard for how they affect the planet and other humans, as if they could escape all the environmental damages caused by their inconsiderate actions.  Why do they believe that they can getaway with the mistreatment of other humans, and causing physical, and financial difficulties through their greed?

Will it take a total collapse of our systems, infrastructure, and climate to force the changes so the playing field becomes level?  It seems that as smart as the 1% believe they are, they too will become trapped in their own webs, sooner, or later.  It is amazing that even in the face of the dire need for a total revamping of our government, more control of financial institutions, curtailing spending, and overhauling of energy systems to decrease fossil fuel usage we continue to make the same choices.  We continually refuse to step out of the box with new thinking, by exercising new procedures, and with the true understanding that we must be our brother’s keeper.

The question is no longer why are we where we are, but how will we change, now, to avoid the seeming catastrophe that awaits us, and create harmony on the planet.  Until everyone sees that we are made of the same stuff, the same “Elements”, then we will continue to face the same dilemmas, have unrest, and major discord.  And while I may be calling out that 1% that “Occupy Wall Street” and “Occupy Oakland” and other groups speak about, it is more.  The other groups who make up the 99% are the police who blindly follow the orders of the elite to squash their brethren.  Why are they protecting the very people who have been at the root cause of our financial dilemma?

Without morals, without integrity, and without regard for another “Human Element” we are doomed.  The point is that we, each and every one of us, have the opportunity to live within, and in integrity at each and every moment.  It is a choice to be honest, fair, compassionate, and loving.  To want the best for all Humans, to not lie, cheat or steal from your fellow man.  Live your life holding dear to you the messages of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ, and so many others in creating equality and peace.

You, we, everyone one of us on this planet deserve food, water, shelter, and love at a minimum.  Be a part of “We Are One” and do your part now by living your life with compassion, understanding, and integrity.

Will you do that starting today?  Will you pass this message on to others and show your support for us, “The Human Element”?